Bouzouki, Irish flute, fiddle, bodhran
Sean Cunningham - Irish flute/tin whistle

Sean Cunningham

Sean has spent 20 years touring the country and many, many pubs playing Irish flute and tin whistle and has no business playing singer-songwriter stuff but here we are nonetheless.

Josh Jernigan - bodhran/percussion

Josh Jernigan

Somehow a veteran of just about every style of music that requires percussion (as well as a few that don’t), Josh's insane combination of bodhran, cajon, and random other percussive things will make you question your very existence.

Jennifer Halenar - fiddle/vocals

Jennifer Halenar

Jennifer is just as happy playing the mess out of a Willie Nelson song as she is a set of reels. She also builds and repairs fiddles which is handy 'cause we play some rough gigs sometimes.

Wendell is a Nashville based band performing a unique blend of Americana, Irish Traditional Music and roots rock. A focus on original songwriting and fresh reinterpretations of material from each country’s musical traditions. Wendell celebrates the influences each nation has had on each other with pioneer spirit, sardonic wit, tragedy, pining and humor. Wendell is truly the music of an immigrant nation.

Claire Shirey, Patrick Martin, Jennifer Halenar, Josh Jernigan, Sean Cunningham
Dent the Duck

Dent the Duck

Band mascot, lady killer, all around good guy, Dent goes where we go.

Claire Shirey - fiddle/concertina

Claire Shirey

Rocking the fiddle and concertina is Claire Shirey, a leader in the feis scene (it’s got to do with Irish stepdancing, just Google it). She plays way too many hornpipes but brings a mad ear for arrangement.

Patrick Martin - bouzouki/vocals

Patrick Martin

Patrick brings 20 years of songwriting experience along with too much time playing Wagon Wheel in Nashville's Broadway honkey tonks and touring with various rock and outlaw country acts. He’s playing bouzouki and singing the songs.

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